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FP Series 19: November 26, 2018 – December 2, 2018

In FamePick Series 19, Cara Delevingne claims the number 1 Instagram Ad for the second time since the series began. As we enter the month of December, the Christmas posts are shining through! We have Marzia Bisognin wrapped in Christmas lights and Chloe Halle in festive green and red. To no surprise, fashion takes the lead in featured posts, followed by beauty posts as the runner up.

Fashion 4 / Beauty 2 / Tech 1 / Non-Profit 1 / Gaming 1 / Travel 1

#1 Cara Delevingne + Rimmel London UK: 927.1K Likes

Sponsored Beauty Post

#2 Marzia Bisognin + Tezenis: 463.4K Likes

Sponsored Fashion Post

#3 Dan Middleton (aka DanTDM) + Make A Wish: 176.2K Likes

Sponsored Non-Profit Post

#4 Chloe Halle + Google Pixel: 151.8K Likes

Sponsored Tech Post

#5 Lua + Motel Rocks: 115.1K Likes

Sponsored Fashion Post

#6 Da Hee + Dior Makeup: 119.1K Likes

Sponsored Beauty Post

#7 Romee Strijd + Crystals From Swarovski: 311.1K Likes

Sponsored Fashion & Jewelry Post

#8 Maddy Burciaga + Brent in My Paris: 103.4K Likes

Sponsored Fashion Post

#9 Ryan Higa + Nintendo: 100.7K Likes

Sponsored Gaming Post

#10 Diana Korkunova + Visit Dubai: 95.9K Likes

Sponsored Travel Post