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Where is Influencer Marketing Headed

5 Predictions for 2019

Influencer marketing has been growing in its popularity, its stature, and its share of enterprise marketing budgets. As it grows, it’s also evolving, changing over time to better meet the needs of marketers and brands. But what’s next for influencer marketing?

Here are five predictions for where the field is headed in 2019.

1. Instagram Will Get in on the Action

One of the clearest signs of influencer marketing’s growth is the extent to which major digital players are taking part. An obvious example is Facebook, which already offers a robust creative hub for marketers. The buzz is that Facebook is soon to be joined by other social giants—and indeed, one of our predictions for 2019 is that Instagram will launch a creative hub all its own. (It may prove to be something similar to Amazon Affiliate.) Instagram is already a prime platform for influencer marketers, so a built-in influencer interface would be a game changer.

2. More Influencer Regulations Will Emerge

Authenticity is a big deal in influencer marketing—and there are government regulations in place to promote it. Already, influencers are required to be transparent about their relationships with brands. That’s why you often see posts with the #ad hashtag, letting the audience know that it is in fact a paid promotion (per FTC requirements). Something we expect to see in 2019 is more regulations, encouraging clarity about influencer relationships. Such regulations may ultimately be in the best interest of the consumer, but may require influencers to juggle their strategy just a little.

3. Influencer Marketing Will Move to New Platforms

Right now, you could argue that influencer marketing is relegated to just a handful of social platforms—definitely Instagram, and perhaps to a lesser extent Facebook and Twitter. Something we predict for 2019 is that influencer marketing will spill over into other social environments, as well. Two of the most likely contenders? Pinterest and Snapchat, both of which seem ideally suited as avenues for influencer marketing.

4. Smaller Brands Will Use Influencer Marketing to Gain Visibility

Another prediction for the coming year is that micro-brands—not just large enterprises—will become central players in influencer marketing. In fact, one of the great values in influencer marketing is how it allows small brands to tap into wider audiences, increasing their visibility and competing with even more familiar companies.

5. New Influencer Services Will Arise

A final prediction for 2019: As influencer marketing becomes increasingly central to advertising budgets, more platforms and services will arise to help facilitate influencer relationships. You can see this happening already—whether in Switzerland’s “Instagram-sitters” or in how various hotel chains are innovating new influencer strategies.

Looking Forward with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing represents the future of advertising—but what’s the future of influencer marketing? While no one can say for sure, these five trends and predictions should give you some idea. The clearest thing of all is that influencer marketing is here to stay—and it’s only going to keep growing and improving.

Author: Kelly Hall